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Peters Amazing Power 5
Peters Amazing Power 5  
This is the formulation of the Amazing Power 5 for natural and organic soil development;

Premium compost that is derived from screened green materials such as veggies, grasses and tree stock. Peters
Power Compost provides the base organic materials specially formulated for developing water conservation, microbial activity and proper root formation.

Next is the soil microbial population that can now thrive in a synthetic chemical free environment like Peters power Compost. We have Peters Amazing
Castings Soil Food for your microbial development, worm nutrients and all the enzymes worm castings can provide. By using a premium proprietary nightcrawler earthworm castings formula, Peters Amazing Castings Soil Food provides highest form of natural and organic nutrients available for soil building.

Another very essential part of the soil puzzle is humate rich in fulvic acid that does not contain other metal contaminants that can affect the health of plants and safety for human consumption. Peters
Amazing Soil has a proprietary blend of natural organic humate loaded with fulvic acid that is Omri certified. This product is truly amazing in that it allows the nutrients which are bound up in the soils to become readily available to the plant. This is like opening up a tiny straw that is clogged up in a fruit smoothie. All the nutrients developed by the microbes, from the compost and your soil are passed through to the plant as it needs this. It is the only organic super charger available with the use of synthetic chemicals.

Trace elements are essential in balancing your soil for maximum plant growing efficiency. Peters
Power Elements  provide a powerful formula of 76 trace elements and many trace nutrients for the soil which is made readily for your plant through the use of the humate in your mixes.

Finally the creatures that make this all possible are the microbials that are diverse and essential for breaking down all the compost and elements in your developing soil. Without the diversity of microbes the garden soils will not provide the proper plant food. No amount of nitrogens or phosphors or potassiums will help to develop a health plant system. Peters
Amazing Critters  special microbial formula will allow the soil to naturally process the power compost as food, using the humate to break down the trace element and bound up nutrients then send all the goodies into your thriving plants like a rocket booster of super fuel.

Now you see why the essential  amazing values in the Amazing Power 5 on rebuilding natural healthy soil, developing nutritious gardens, saving money on chemicals while conserving water all the while creating family well being by reducing or eliminating dependency on synthetic chemicals. This attention to healthy soil is an amazing process for replenishing the earth and providing an individuals or family self sufficiency in natural sustainability self fulfillment.

• To save money on water bills and reduce or eliminate chemical fertilizer usage.

• To increase your plant and fruit yields through faster plant nutrient absorption.

• Get Power Compost to develop humus, nutrients and water retention into soil

• Get Peters Amazing Soil with humate to wake up soil nutrients allowing the microbes and roots to feed optimally.

• Get Peters Power Worm Soil Food for natural microbials, enzymes and natural nutrient developing in the soil

• Add Peters Power Nutrient elements into the soil to replenish lacking trace minerals or elements.

• Apply  natural ingredients and nutrients immediately through foliar feeding with Peters Power Tea

• Use Peters Amazing Worm Juice to foliar feed microbial enzymes and worm casting nutrients directly to the plants during growth and blooming.

• Grow your own plants and veggies to save money organically and naturally in this tough economy

• Protect your family in the event of national food crisis contaminations or shortages by growing naturally.

• A sense of accomplishment is created when self sufficiency is created through growing your own food naturally.

• Get yourself and the family physical in the garden instead of commercial boob tube slavery and expensive gym room escapades.

• Growing organically is good for the soul by interfacing with nature and its wonders.

• Decrease your dependence on commercial foods and their negative side effects

• Growing your own food will keep your family away from  commercial pesticides and contamination

• Using organic and natural ingredients will keep your family free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

• Protect yourself from GMO and commercial chemicals by growing naturally
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contact us | about us

   15724 E. Sunflower
Fountain Hills, Az 85268
The finest organic garden products available today.
Natural  Organic Green Farm & Garden Products

• Fertilizer • Compost
• Worm Castings • Humate
• Fulvic Acid • Humic Acid

The finest organic garden products available today!
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