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Peters Amazing Soil
Peters Amazing Soil
Peters Amazing Soil
Peters Amazing Soil

Peter’s Amazing Soil improves nutrient absorption in plants and encourages rapid plant growth and size. Helps support beneficial microbial activity in soils and increase micronutrient availability, too!

Ideal for use in soil and hydroponics.

This product is one of the most essential amendments that are critical to developing a natural organic living soil. It is a must and must not be overlooked for use in growing plants .
Peters Amazing Soil

All the fancy fertilizers and other nutrients and amendments will not function at peak performance without the balance and soil building characteristics of using our fantastic humic formula. Is a powerful premium grade humic acid formula with high concentration of fulvic acid containing trace micro nutrients and elements.

Rich in both organic and mineral substances essential to plant growth.· Peters Amazing Soil™ is specially formulated to promote maximum growth of plants for maximum nutrition absorption which are derived from a natural mined organic material called Humates, and contain humic acid, fulvic acid, amino acids, and over 76 beneficial minerals and are natures natural plant food.

The health and environment of the root system is critical in producing bigger and more abundant yields.  Application of Peters Amazing Soil™ humate formula to the soil and can make plants grow a deeper green and help them resist environmental stresses like summer heat and drought.  Peters Amazing Soil make it easier for plants of all kinds to take up nutrients from the soil more easily.  

Use Peters Amazing Soil™ on field crops, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, herbs, pasture, lawns, golf courses, you name it. Use Peters maxi root™ for everything you grow like veggie gardens, flowering plants, fruit trees, vineyards, golf courses, lawns, landscapes, and farms!

• Plants will grow stonger stems and yield bigger fruits and vivid flowers.

• Fruits will smell and taste better with better texture.

• Plants will be stronger to resist deseases and other pathogens.

• Plants will require much less fertilizing because of the high nutrient uptake capabilities saving you time and money.

• Improves moisture retention allowing less watering with the organic activity created in the soil.

• Retains water-soluble inorganic fertilizers in the root zones and releases them to plants when needed.

• Improves the soil structure and soils physical properties for maximum nutrient uptake.

• Stimulates plant growth by an increased biomass production.

• Increases yield and improves quality of plants.

• Stimulates root growth, especially lengthwise and the water-holding capacity.

• Stimulates growth and proliferation of desirable soil micro organisms Increases and stimulates beneficial micro-organisms.

• Enhances the cation exchange capacity (CEC).

• Increases the effictiveness of fertilizers and reduces nutrient especially nitrate leaching.

• Promotes root development by increasing permeability of cellmembranes in the roots and enhances nutrient uptake.

• Acts as a natural chelator for micro-elements in soils and increases their availibility for plants.

• Decreases stress by drought and stress by the application of plant treatments.

• Increases the germination of seeds and enhances development of radicles.

• Reduces the residues of herbicides and toxic substances in soils.

• Stimulates plant enzymes Acts as an organic catalyst.

• Increases percentage of total nitrogen in the soil.

• Stimulates plant growth by accelerating cell division, increasing the rate of development in root systems and increasing the yield of dry matter.

• Increases vitamin content of plants. Increases the permeability of plant membranes, promoting the uptake of nutrients.

• Participates in the decomposition of rocks and minerals.

* Quart and gallon sizes feeding directions and application: always mix your solution thoroughly into water.

* Seedlings: apply tablespoon of dry mix per gallon of water and mix thoroughly once. Then gently water in for a few times until mix is fully moisturized.

* Container plants: use 1 oz per gallon of dry mix and mix water very well. Then gently water in as needed once every 4 waterings.

* Outdoor garden soil: mix 2 oz per gallon of water, or 8 oz of dry mix per 20 square foot and evenly spread mix well. Or apply at the rate of one gallon of solution per 10 square feet every four weeks.

* Trees:  8 oz of dry mix 5 gallons of water mix per per inch diameter of medium tree 4ft well or canopy. Pour in slowly and let soak in. Do not dump water.

* General application: mix one pound of dry mix into soil for every 45 square feet or regular garden or trees. Results may vary with soil condition large gardens and farms

A natural source of humic substances and trace minerals from New Mexico. Contains UP TO 55% humic formula. Use this humic product to increase micronutrient uptake and improve the efficiency of applied and existing nutrients. Use 50-400 lb/acre or 1-2 lb/ 100 sq ft. Apply directly to seedbeds at 10-30 lb/acre. For lawns, use 50 lbs/15,000 sq.ft.

STORAGE: Up to 2 years and keep in cool dry place out of sunlight
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contact us | about us

   15724 E. Sunflower
Fountain Hills, Az 85268
The finest organic garden products available today.
Natural  Organic Green Farm & Garden Products

• Fertilizer • Compost
• Worm Castings • Humate
• Fulvic Acid • Humic Acid

The finest organic garden products available today!
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